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PROVADA FUTURE focuses on the innovation dialogue

26 Februari 2024

How do you conduct an innovation dialogue in your own organization? How do you make the right choices, with all the ideas, possibilities and technologies available? It turns out to be quite difficult to get the organization involved in the innovation process. At PROVADA FUTURE we will use the proven ' Innovation Dynamics ' method to let registered teams/groups experience how you can bring innovation to the workplace.

Innovation is all too quickly translated into the application of new technology. What is overlooked is whether it actually fits in with the strategic objectives and whether the organization is able to deal with this in a good way.

It is important to have the right conversation about this within your team, your organization and/or with stakeholders and in this way make use of the brainpower and creativity of those involved.


Innovation Dynamics is a working method to facilitate this conversation. Participants will work together in an interactive manner to lay the foundation for an innovation strategy. At PROVADA Future we organize short sessions every day with the aim of allowing people to experience this working method. This is done under professional supervision. With the new insights you can then get to know the companies that help corporations and other real estate companies with digitalization, sustainability and acceleration.


The three-day program at PROVADA FUTURE is put together in collaboration with our partners from Bouwlab R&Do  and Smart Building Collective


Bouwlab R&Do is a field lab for digitalization and industrialization of the construction sector. Based on their vision for a digital 'supply chain', they support various parties in realizing their ambitions to realize projects faster, more sustainably and more affordable. Their rich ecosystem is a source of answers to the questions and challenges facing the construction industry. During Provada they use their expertise to bring process, product and ambition together.

Smart Building Collective | Certification is an authority in the field of smart buildings and known for its certifications. During the exhibition days they will show step by step how you can make buildings work smarter for users and owners.

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