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Podcast Studio Circulair 2022 - DUTCH SPOKEN 

In the PROVADA Podcast - Studio Circular - we discuss circular entrepreneurship with various guests.

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Pictures PROVADA 2022

Look at the Pictures of PROVADA 2022The photos are free to use provided the source is mentioned.


Video's PROVADA 2022

PROVADA records various images before and during the fair. Watch videos of recorded meetings, pitches from exhibitors and other expressions.

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Media & Media Partners 

 The production, publication and distribution of media before, during and after PROVADA is reserved for PROVADA's official media partners. Media includes all information carriers of printed/digital/online content such as newspapers, magazines, video and TV productions and podcasts.

Registration of media for meetings at the stands

As an exhibitor you are responsible for registering media (and media activities) secondly for meetings of activities at the stand by sending an e-mail to

Without approval from PROVADA, it is not permitted to use (media) companies that do not (contractually) break PROVADA otherwise. This may lead to a conflict of interest for the existing media partners. PROVADA has provided more information about the possibilities of the current media partners.

Media partners PROVADA 2022

  • Vastgoedmarkt
  • PropertyNL
  • VG Visie
  • New Business Radio
  • Change Inc.

Journalists (written press) can apply for press accreditation. Go to the press page for the conditions.