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PROVADA FUTURE Innovation Square

Where PropTech meets Real Estate

PROVADA FUTURE is the platform for technological innovations and inspiration for the property sector.
Participants have solutions for accelerating housing construction, a smarter building or more efficient processes. 

Want to learn about the links of the digital construction chain? Then be sure to stop by. We will be happy to give a tour of the square.

Are you more interested in smart building technology? Great, we have a street full of smart solutions.  

Together with partners and participants, we will create an inspiring three-day programme on regenerative building, circular building economy, chain integration and smart building technology, among others.


Want to take part in PROVADA FUTURE?

Click here for more information on PROVADA FUTURE or contact John Schreuter. or 030 204 0611

Participants PROVADA FUTURE 2024 (update 10-01-2024)

  • VORM (Ambassador)
  • BPD (Ambassador)
  • Rabobank (Ambassador)
  • Being Development (Ambassador)
  • Boom Builds
  • Brixx
  • Brainbay
  • Facilitee
  • Toogethr
  • Parallel
  • Spectral
  • Bloxs
  • Wunderbricks
  • Perfect Place
  • Huurprijscheck-app
  • Ciskin
  • Zig
  • Wavethru
  • Ident2be
  • Kiwatt
  • N2