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Nicholas White

Managing Partner Smart Building Collective

Nicholas White is the Managing Partner at Smart Building Collective, an institution renowned for its pioneering work in smart building certifications. With an extensive background in digital transformation, Nicholas plays a pivotal role in certifying buildings, solutions, and service providers against the SBC framework. This framework meticulously benchmarks building processes, governance, and technology infrastructure to elevate the standards of real estate performance.

At the forefront of smart building innovation, Nicholas brings his expertise to Provada, where he will be moderating and facilitating a series of dynamic panel discussions, immersive tours, and comprehensive smart building education initiatives. His sessions are designed to equip visitors with practical insights and connect them with influential figures in the smart building industry, aiding their journey toward smarter, more efficient building practices.

Nicholas's leadership at Smart Building Collective not only underscores his commitment to advancing smart building technologies but also his dedication to fostering an ecosystem where industry professionals can thrive. His efforts at Provada will undoubtedly help attendees gain actionable tips and expand their professional networks, driving forward the mission of enhancing real estate performance through intelligent building solutions.

Meet us at the Smart Building Lounge  

11-10 PROVADA Future  - Exhibiting Parties: bGrid, ident2be, 2n, Toogethr, Spectral, App-artment- Alveole, Wave by AGC, Smart Building Collective 


Day 1 Program: Case Studies and Interviews 

•10:30-11:00: Interview 1: Everything starts with connectivity - how to bring stable connectivity into your building - Wave by AGC 
•11:30- 12:00: Panel 1: ROI of smart, the return on investment behind Smart Building – bGrid, ident2be, Spectral, Wave by AGC
•14:00- 14:30: Interview 2: What can bees tell us about biodiversity and the sustainability of your building? -Alveole
•15:00 - 15:30: Case Study 3: You can park here - How Smart Parking manages your car park - Toogethr
•16:00 - 16:30: Case Study 7: Using what is there, making what you already have smarter -  Ident2be


Day 2 Program: Case Studies and Interviews

•10:30-11:00: Case Study 4: Buzzing Success: How Honey Bees and Urban Gardens Transformed the Canadian Embassy in the Netherlands - Alveole
•11:00-11:30: Case Study 5: Bringing connectivity into elderly care centers– Wave by AGC
•11:30- 12:00: Interview 3: The Role of AI and Machine Learning in Smart Building Management - Spectral
•13:00 - 13:30: Case Study 5: The future of access control - 2N
15:00 - 15:30: Presentation: Smart Buildings - A commodity done better – bGrid
•15:30- 16:00: Interview 4: Achieving Sustainability Goals Through Smart Building Strategies - Ident2be