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Elizabeth Nelson

Co-founder Smart Building Collective

The author of The Healthy Office Revolution, Elizabeth C. Nelson is a researcher, writer, and keynote speaker. She stands on the review board for academic publications including Nature's Digital Medicine, Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR), and Plos One. Her PhD in biomedical engineering focuses on our complex relationship with technology and a better way of living and working. Her daring yet applicable research has been conducted with such companies as CBRE and GSK and helped design such buildings as the Campus and Edge Olympic. Her unconventional keynote discusses how to lose money and screw up smart buildings.

Meet us at the Smart Building Lounge  

11-10 PROVADA Future  - Exhibiting Parties: bGrid, ident2be, 2n, Toogethr, Spectral, App-artment- Alveole, Wave by AGC, Smart Building Collective 


Day 1 Program: Case Studies and Interviews 

•10:30-11:00: Interview 1: Everything starts with connectivity - how to bring stable connectivity into your building - Wave by AGC 
•11:30- 12:00: Panel 1: ROI of smart, the return on investment behind Smart Building – bGrid, ident2be, Spectral, Wave by AGC
•14:00- 14:30: Interview 2: What can bees tell us about biodiversity and the sustainability of your building? -Alveole
•15:00 - 15:30: Case Study 3: You can park here - How Smart Parking manages your car park - Toogethr
•16:00 - 16:30: Case Study 7: Using what is there, making what you already have smarter -  Ident2be


Day 2 Program: Case Studies and Interviews

•10:30-11:00: Case Study 4: Buzzing Success: How Honey Bees and Urban Gardens Transformed the Canadian Embassy in the Netherlands - Alveole
•11:00-11:30: Case Study 5: Bringing connectivity into elderly care centers– Wave by AGC
•11:30- 12:00: Interview 3: The Role of AI and Machine Learning in Smart Building Management - Spectral
•13:00 - 13:30: Case Study 5: The future of access control - 2N
•15:00 - 15:30: Case Study 6: Flexible Space Utilization and Adaptation in Smart Buildings – bGrid
•15:30- 16:00: Interview 4: Achieving Sustainability Goals Through Smart Building Strategies - Ident2be