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Disclaimer and Privacy Policy

Disclaimer and Privacy Policy


The information contained in this email is intended solely for the addressee(s). Use of this information by parties other than the addressee(s) is not permitted. If you have received this message by mistake, you are requested not to use the information, to inform the sender immediately by reply and to delete the message from your system. The copying, forwarding and disclosing of the contents of this message to third parties are not permitted. PROVADA guarantees neither the correct transferral of content sent by email nor its prompt delivery. PROVADA does not use external email for the purpose of entering into commitments.


Although we have exercised the utmost care in creating the www.provada.nl website, it is possible that, given its nature, certain information on this website may become outdated over time or may no longer be accurate. PROVADA shall not be liable for the outcome of any activities undertaken on the basis of the information provided on this website. Furthermore, this website may provide links or references to other sites not maintained by PROVADA and over which PROVADA has no control. Such links or references are provided merely as an aid to help users quickly find more information on certain matters. PROVADA shall bear no responsibility whatsoever for the information provided by these websites. The articles presented on this website may be reproduced on condition that mention be made of the original source.


The owner of this website stores your data in a dedicated data file. These data are used to provide you with the services you have selected, such as gaining access to the newsletter or to the Appointments Module, for example. We may also use your information to keep you informed of other activities we have organised.



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