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13.30 uur - Reception on location Sugar City (Pulppersloods)
14.00 uur - Welcome

  • Introduction and explanation

  • Chefs Cooking with CEOs, interspersed with fun & workshops

  • Keynote 'He who understands Gen Z has the future', by Brainagent René Boender

  • The four-course dinner

21.00 uur - Last coffee round
21.30 uur - End of event


Inspiring keynote by René Boender

Brain agent René Boender is going to tell us about the future.

Warren Buffett recently said that the keynote gave a completely different interpretation to Going Dutch. The world is René's field of activity (Orlando, NY, LA, Perth, Cape Town, Milan, Davos) and is involved as a brain agent in the most diverse projects of very prestigious brands. Entrepreneurs like Richard Branson and Elon Musk, super investor Warren Buffet, but also our Queen Maxima like to listen to his keynotes. He is the author of the bestsellers Great to Cool and Cool is Hot, the inventor of the 3"12" Eternity law, the new ROI concept and likes to pass on brain candies with a bite. He believes that everything stands or falls with the power of communication. René Boender offers a fountain of ideas.

He inspires many 'captains of industry' one-on-one and tells everything about (BtB) consumer contact. Social media, Twitter, Facebook TikTok have no more secrets after his keynote. He explains what was, but - more importantly - what is to come: Generation Z. The Generation that does not want to share, but can multiply. Also for us in the real estate sector. What is smart to do now? And what not? Those who understand Gen Z have the future. And with the right skills, we know how to recruit the talents for our sector.

It's an eye opener.