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General Regulations

General terms and conditions of the Digital Participant Handbook for those who participate in exhibitions and other events in the RAI Amsterdam Convention Center in Amsterdam.

In the following text is meant:

Organizers: the body mentioned as such in the Conditions of Participation

Building: The RAI Amsterdam Convention Center in Amsterdam

Exhibitor: The company, organization or institution that will occupy stand space at the exhibition

Exhibition: The exhibition or trade fair to which these General Terms and Conditions apply

General provisions

Exhibited goods do not affect the view through the exhibition space and the view of the surrounding stands. as little obstruction as possible, and must be kept within the building lines of the stand space. Movable parts thereof, e.g. when demonstrating, don't get out of there. Hazardous parts, such as sharp, protruding parts, must be effectively shielded. Furthermore, the goods may not be covered during opening hours; the organizers may remove any cover without any liability. Visibly disfiguring items on the stands are not allowed. The participant may not remove any exhibited goods from the stand during the exhibition. If small parts of the stand inventory need to be repaired, we request that this be done after the trade fair has closed. For urgent repairs, the repairer can collect a Supplier Badge in the Central Hall.

Animals on the stand

It is not allowed by the organizers of PROVADA for the participant to have or exhibit animals on or around his stand.


Objects can be placed on elevations, provided the elevations do not exceed 60cm measured from the floor of the building. This can be deviated from with written permission from the organizers (see Etagebouw in the Exhibitor Services webshop). You must then apply for a permit.


The floor of the stand must be properly finished by installing floor coverings such as carpet or carpet tiles. In the unlikely event that adhesive tape from carpet tiles etc. is left on the hall floor after the exhibition, the participant will receive an invoice for the costs of removal. The use of special floor coverings (concrete tiles, sand, gravel, etc.) requires written permission from the organizers, which must be requested when submitting the stand design. Before such materials are supplied, a plastic cover should be placed on the floor. Painting floors is not allowed. Elevations are placed, provided that the elevations do not exceed 60 cm, measured from the floor of the building. This can be deviated from with written permission from the organizers (see Etagebouw in the Exhibitor Services webshop).

You must then apply for a permit.

Projection and sound / smoke machines / running light / advertising / music use

Written permission from PROVADA is required for the use of sound, image and lighting equipment (including scrolling news), live music and the performance of artists. You can request permission for this via 'My PROVADA'. The use of so-called running lights (disruptive to neighboring stands), smoke machines and laser projection is not permitted. No permission will be given for projection in the aisles or on the walls and ceilings of the halls.

With regard to the use of music on an exhibition stand, both live and mechanically, amplified or unamplified, prior permission must always be requested from the Buma/Stemra association. In almost all cases, people receive permission to use the world music repertoire managed by Buma/Stemra against payment of a certain amount per day. Buma returns the copyright to the composer/lyricist. For information: Buma/Stemra, Saturnusstraat 46-62, PO Box 3080, 2130 KB Hoofddorp, T 023 799 79 99, You must also request permission from the SENA association for music use during the fair, for which you must also pay a fee. For information: SENA, Catharina van Renneslaan 20, 1217 CX Hilversum, T 035 625 17 00, Via SENA you pay a fee to the performing artist(s) and the record producers.

Cleaning of the stands

The organizers have the building and aisles cleaned regularly. The cleaning of the stands is the responsibility of the participants themselves and can be requested in the Exhibitor Services webshop.