Peter  Helfrich  - Senior Managing Director Regional Head North-West Europe

Peter Helfrich - Senior Managing Director Regional Head North-West Europe

  • Peter is the Regional Head of North-West Europe, responsible for the PATRIZIA activities in the Netherlands, Nordics and UK & Ireland
  • Peter joined PATRIZIA in May 2014 as Managing Director with responsibility for launching the PATRIZIA activities in the Netherlands
  • 20+ years professional experience in the European real estate market (Netherlands, Nordics, Southern Europe and Germany).
  • Peter lived and worked in 4 different countries (Netherlands, Sweden, Germany and Italy) in the last 12 years.
  • Proven track record in office, retail, logistics and residential fund & portfolio management performance, including developments and intensive debt and hedge management for a number of funds, joint ventures and separate accounts on behalf of 50+ institutional investors
  • Before joining PATRIZIA, Peter worked as Managing Director for ING REIM / CBRE Global Investors with responsibility for real estate investment management activities in the Nordics, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Germany, as well as a Fund Manager for several European real estate funds
  • Peter has an extensive expertise in the leadership and management of country-, fund and acquisition strategies, business development and execution of value enhancement strategies
  • Peter is a ULI Retail and Entertainment council member and a PATRIZIA Children Foundation Board member
  • Peter holds a M.Sc. in Business Administration from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam and a Master in Real Estate (MSRE) from the University of Amsterdam / Amsterdam School of Real Estate