Aris de Groot  - Founder and managing director at Ecovat

Aris de Groot - Founder and managing director at Ecovat

Ing. A.W. (Aris) de Groot (1963) - Bachelor of Built Environment (BBE).

Studied business and engineering at Tilburg university of applied science, The Netherlands. He started his first company when he was 15.

After university, he worked one year (1989) as a automation engineer. Started in 1990 an architectural firm and worked as a consultant for builders to make cost price calculations and building work preparations. Bought his first building plot in 1990 and built a house with an office. His company grew in 10 years to 25 people in 2000. Sold this company in 2007. ( In parallel, he started a project development company in 1995 ( In 2008 and 2009 after two years of technical research: “How to make buildings that use no energy, have the highest indoor environmental level and have architecture that unites people”, he started his third company. Aris de Groot Energy, Installation and Building BV, built in 2011 a zero building office based on his research (

In 2012 he developed the control software for the building management system and ICT and did the market introduction of “renting with energy” ( based on these technologies. In April 2013, he developed a large, scalable thermal energy storage system named Ecovat®, as a synonym for the combination of economically and ecologically aspects of this innovation. In January 2014 he renamed this company into Ecovat® energy storage system - reliable - comfortable - future proof.

At this moment Ecovat delivers an intelligent energy storage system supplying 100% sustainable heat and cold for systems encompassing 500 – 2500 dwellings. The thermal energy is stored up till 90° C over a period of 6 months with an efficiency of 90%. The adoption of an Ecovat has the capability to accelerate the energy transition and reduce the CO2-emission as a consequence of heating and cooling with 100% in a neighbourhood.

Aris is a creative, technically skilled high-level entrepreneur, with the capacity to achieve goals in complicated projects on a technical, financial, organizational, commercial and communicational level.