Grid Pattern

Fabio Pisano

Manager Business Integrated Solutions KiesZon

Fabio Pisano is Manager Business Integrated Solutions, he is responsible for the futher development of Business Integrated Solutions (BIS), a department that focus on the development and implementation of integral energy solutions. Solutions for example grid congestion, durability and delivery guarantees for power. These integrated solutions existing off solar, batteries, charging infrastructure and PPA’s all brought together with a software platform for control and in the end a smart grid solution. He is an expert in developing new opportunities, especially when markets ask for new competitive programs. Prior to KiesZon, he was the founder and responsible for a venture that focused on saving energy without investments , the establishment of new companies and a investment fund with a focus on sustainability. 

He is one of the founders of the first neutral energy Transferium of the Netherlands, situated in Den Bosch.  



De weg naar Net Zero Delivery


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