Amsterdam Metropolitan Area with an even stronger presence!

Amsterdam Metropolitan Area with an even stronger presence!

The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area has an even stronger presence at PROVADA this year, with the arrival of two new municipalities – Purmerend and Amstelveen – as well as the Platform for Businesses and Office Space (known by its Dutch acronym PlaBeKa).

PlaBeKa is an alliance of regional and local authorities in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area focusing on reducing structural vacancies in business property.

For the eleven partners represented at the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area stand, with their joint property marketing strategy, the large-scale real estate exhibition is an important opportunity to strengthen and expand their network regionally with investors, developers, builders, consultants and end users.

The tremendous technological, demographic and economic dynamic is generating plenty of innovation in the world of real estate. Interdisciplinary and public–private partnerships will be crucial to anticipating and meeting the ever-changing demand for property, and this year’s PROVADA is highlighting these with the theme of Connecting the future and its themes of the day such as Social Structures and Partnerships. With the driving force of globalisation, the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area partners will also be actively strengthening their international position in the International Business Lounge and sharing their knowledge in relevant programme components.

In addition, the partners will be participating in the PROVADA content-focused programme to further embed its leading role as the Netherlands’ strongest metropolitan region, with a focus on building opportunities in all segments and a growing number of transformation projects.

The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area partners are Amsterdam Grond en Ontwikkeling, Amsterdam Zuidas, the Port of Amsterdam, Zaanstad, Almere, Lelystad, Haarlem, Haarlemmermeer, Purmerend, Amstelveen and PlaBeKa.

The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area looks forward to welcoming you to its new stand!


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