Patrizia: A good exit means implementing a good sustainability qualification process

“Patrizia is very much a hybrid business. Although we’re a listed company, we’ve also largely been in the hands of the same family for the last thirty years. We know the discipline the stock market imposes, but also the characteristics of a family business. Annual figures are important, but they have to serve a long-term objective. And that objective is different for each market and country. Our hybrid structure allows us to make the right investment decisions. Our Dutch organisation has a very local focus. And that’s what we like to show those attending PROVADA,” says Peter Helfrich, head of the firm’s Dutch office.

Helfrich says he doesn’t see himself as a German stakeholder per se: “That distinction is becoming less clear-cut as companies become increasingly pan-European. We’re originally a German company, but our team here is now made up of twenty-five Dutch staff focusing exclusively on the Netherlands. And that means PROVADA, too. That’s where we network with our peers and showcase our identity by presenting our products and product strategies, and by participating in forums and other events. The fact that we were the very first non-Dutch stakeholder to become a member of the Association of Institutional Property Investors in the Netherlands (IVBN) also speaks volumes,” he affirms.

Helfrich says he finds PROVADA’s annual theme particularly appealing: “The real estate industry bears a great responsibility. After all, the built world has huge repercussions for society, with a major impact on energy sources, for instance. But we can use innovation to make that impact a positive one. That’s why sustainability is particularly close to our hearts. Indeed, we recently began to address this issue structurally at group level. In that sense, it’s good that sustainability can be quantified. We now include it in all our business cases. Sustainability isn’t just about doing the right thing. Without it, real estate doesn’t have a viable future. A good exit means implementing a good sustainability qualification process.”