Deutsche Hypo acts local at PROVADA

While PROVADA’s main focus is the Dutch property market, Deutsche Hypo is hardly a fish out of water here. In fact, the German lender has been involved with the exhibition right from the start. Wouter de Bever, Managing Director of the Deutsche Hypo Zuidas office, sees himself more as a Dutch banker with German shareholders. He says, “We’ve had an uninterrupted presence with a local office here in the Netherlands for twenty-seven years, even during the crisis.”

De Bever says he fully embraces the motto “when in Rome”: “I won’t deny that our parent company is a major international player. That has a lot of advantages, such as clout and volume, but we’re not blowing our own trumpet. After all, we’re just one of many players here in the Netherlands. People know of us, and that’s great. We’re excited about continuing to raise our profile by participating as an exhibitor at PROVADA. We’re not overly dominant, but we do have a strong presence there.”

Next year, PROVADA will be paying extra attention to the trifecta of education, innovation and integration, or, in other words, the “return on innovation”. De Bever emphasises the importance of this focus: “It’s crucial that we follow fundamental innovation very closely – not just in the construction industry but in terms of how it’s financed, too. Consider the impact of the blockchain, for example. We believe we have a pioneering role to play here, so we’ve set up a number of dedicated think tanks internally. We’ve made good progress in the Netherlands here, just as our German colleagues are doing with sustainability. It’s one of the advantages of being a local player with an international background!”