A busy first day at PROVADA 2018

The fourteenth annual real estate exhibition PROVADA got off to a bang, with over 7,500 visitors attending the event at RAI Amsterdam. With two more days to go, it looks as if PROVADA will almost certainly end up breaking its all-time record of 25,000 visitors.

Jan van Zanen, mayor of Utrecht and chairman of the Association of Dutch Municipalities (VNG), officially opened PROVADA at ten o’clock this morning. He said, “The city of the future is being built today, but big plans take time. Let’s synchronise our watches here at PROVADA so that we can tackle this huge building challenge together.”

The main theme this year is Educate, Innovate, Integrate. The property sector is seeing a great deal of experimentation at the moment. But how do we ensure that these investments add value? What needs to happen first to facilitate innovation (education)? Then what (integration)? PROVADA will be focusing in 2018 on what makes innovation possible. How does your organisation learn and put that knowledge into practice? This year, ROI stands for return on innovation.

A historic moment took place on the very first morning when Michel Baars of New Horizon unveiled the first fully reusable cement, called Freement. Hailed as a tipping point, this new product, which will allow a resource so essential to the construction industry to be reused on a large scale, is a game changer.

In the PROVADA Forum, Raymond Knops, State Secretary for the Interior and Kingdom Relations, talked about the commitment of the government property and development agency to achieve social objectives set out in the coalition agreement, as well as necessary collaboration between central government, local and regional authorities, and the markets.

Would you like to learn more about innovation in the property sector? In the coming days, PROVADA will be offering an unprecedented programme of inspiring meetings and gatherings. We very much look forward to seeing you at Amsterdam RAI on or before Thursday, 7 June.