Joining/organising an event

Organising events

Joining/organising an event

Joining/organising an event


In 2020, PROVADA will be building four general forums (hall 12) on the exhibition floor. These are low-noise areas.

The four areas are:

  • Forum 1
  • Forum 2
  • Business Forum
  • Arena

In addition to the three PROVADA forums and the Arena, two theme-based forums are being built:

  • PROVADA Future (hall 11) The Innovation Platform
  • Retailforum (hall 11)

If you would like to join or organise an event please contact Mayra Rijkse by e-mail or telephone +31 (0)30 605 14 24

Organising an event in a conference room



Are you interested in organising an event in one of the conference rooms? Please contact Femke Odekerken by email or by phone on +31 (0)30 605 14 24.



Organising an event at your stand



If you would like to organise an event on your stand we hereby inform you that certain restrictions apply. 

  • Meetings with amplified sound and / or any form of entertainment (presentations, lectures, drinks, musicians at the stand, etc.) must be registered through My PROVADA. Entertainment and amplified sound on the stand is only possible if written permission from PROVADA has been given. Also a sound-protocol is applicable.
  • Exhibitors may organize a maximum of 2 meetings with amplified sound per day at the stand.
  • The meetings may have a maximum duration of 20 minutes and may not follow each other immediately.
  • Due to greater noise nuisance, debates are not permitted on the stand. For lectures that last longer than 20 minutes or debates, please refer to one of our E-rooms which can be hired.
  • Drinks with amplified sound may not commence earlier than 4.30 p.m. Compliance with this will be strictly monitored.

If you would like to organise an event at your stand please contact Mayra Rijkse by e-mail or telephone +31 (0)30 605 14 24